Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Honey Wheat Cookies

Heeey, it's Tuesday, February 23 and not only is it baking day, but it's my dad's birthday! This meant that I had to make two desserts today- two desserts and a terrible cold! I made the milk chocolate baby cakes (see earlier blog) for my dad, which he loves. This evening, I made Honey Wheat Cookies which were chosen by Michelle of FlourChild. I have such a sweet tooth, and when I saw honey....wheat germ....lemon....I wasn't too excited. After reading other blog entries, I did start to become intrigued and couldn't wait to see what they would taste like. These cookies were so easy to make and bake up pretty fast. The dominant flavor in these cookies was honey. I used a local grown honey. The lemon didn't stand out as much as I would have liked. With my first bite, I wanted my cup of tea! What a perfect cookie for a cup of tea and to curl up with some wonderful reading. These cookies have a nice crisp edge and a soft cakey center. I have already bagged up some cookies to bring to work for everyone in the office. Yes, sniffles and all, I will trudge my way into the office.

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  1. Cute photo! I wasn't sure about these either, but I really liked them.