Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thumprints For Us Big Guys

What a beautiful day in Connecticut!!! It was at least 60 degrees today in March and I love it! I'm also exicted today because I have officially been added to the Tuesday's With Dorie Baker's List. YAY!!!! I didn't make last week's Toasted Coconut Custard Tart because no one in my household would eat it. I wanted to make a few mini tarts but didn't own any mini pans... at the time. Last week, I ordered a few things from King Arthur's catalog and that included four mini tart pans which were delivered today. I'll be posting on the tarts very soon!

So, this week's baking deed comes from Mike of Ugly Dude Food who chose Thumbprints for Us Big Guys. Do you think the "guy" part had any influence in his choice? I've got a question, did anyone like me toast their hazelnuts and rub the skins off. I have to say, that took some time to do and there were some stubborn suckers! I think next time I'll look for some without the skins. Well, once I got through this part, these were a breeze to make. I can't say I'm a big hazelnut fan and may make these again next time using walnuts or pecans. All in all these are a very tasty cookie with a big flavor!

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