Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today, we were to make Coco-Nana Bread. Amazing that many were skeptics about the combination of chocolate and banana. I never pass up a chance to have a chocolate dipped frozen banana. It took me a while to make this bread. Even now, I'm still waiting to take it out of the oven. Wife-Mother-Baker. I made this bread in between dinner, going to the store with my husband and picking up my daughter. Oh yeah, take the dog out too! I used Valrhona cocoa powder for this bread. It produced a wonderfully dark, rich color. As soon as I removed the bread from the oven I could smell the intensity of the dark chocolate and the sweet fragrance of the bananas. The bread rose quite well. That's a whole lotta bread!!! As it rose, the foil tent I placed over the top actually stuck. Upon taking it out of the oven I tasted the crumbs left behind on the foil. Just in that tiny taste, I was hit with chocolate and kissed by banana. I can't wait to have a whole slice!

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