Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well, I made my oatmeal chocolate almost candy bars last night. I'm only posting tonight, because I started having difficulties uploading pictures. I gave up! So, I still haven't quite figured it out but, I found another way! After placing the first layer of oatmeal mix in the bottom of my pan, my daughter came into the kitchen to wash dishes. No, she didn't volunteer, Tuesday is her dish day. As she began talking about American Idol, which also comes on Tuesday nights, I became completely distracted and forgot to add the raisins, peanuts, and vanilla to the chocolate. So, after spreading the chocolate, I sprinkled the raisins and peanuts on top and added the top layer of oatmeal. It was hopeless for the vanilla and after tasting them, I can't say I missed it. One thing I will say is, by not incorporating those last items into the chocolate, I don't believe the oatmeal topping adhered as well. Also, I wish I added the whole cup of raisins. I used golden raisins and I really do believe they added I nice dimension (and I hate raisins!). I did try this refrigerated and really enjoyed it. I'm going to freeze a couple of slices tonight!

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