Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Peanutties Blondies

Very Yummy, Very Tasty - from the dough to the finished product. Unfortunately, I used a dark coated 9 inch pan and should've turned down the thermostat so my blondies came out pretty dark around the edges and the center is not fully cooked. So, I've turned the temp on low and hoping the center will cook up some more. Hope everyone enjoys these as much as I do! Thanks to Nicole of Bakeologie for this great pick!


  1. Mine were a bit dark around the edges too...now worries. I thought these were great. Nice job.

  2. Mine were a little browner around the edges too. Someone said they turned the foil down over their edges before baking and I thought that made good sense. Will try that next time. Yours look delicious.