Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Swedish Visiting Cake

Was this a cake a "sleeper" or what! Very easy to put together and quick to bake. I didn't have a 9-inch cast iron pan so, I went with a 9-inch cake pan. This cake has a tremendous almond flavor rounded out with lemon. I have to say, my cake didn't rise much. I did whip up the eggs using a mixer and figured that's where the height would come from since there was no leavener.
I kept looking at the picture in Dorie's book and looking at mine. Dorie's ... mine ... Dorie's ... mine. Nope, not the same height. This cake was absolutely delicioso!!! A definite keeper!


  1. Mine rose a little but not much which actually worked out really well since 1/2ing the recipe made 3 perfect 4 inch mini tarts for me. Either way. Rise or no rise. This cake is a keeper!

  2. Sleeper, keeper--you're right on both counts! I loved it, and I'm glad you did too. Mine did rise more than I expected, but maybe it was because I used a 6" pan. I'm definitely going for the full size next time!

  3. Ciao ! Your cake looks great to me ...and good !

  4. I just used the word "sleeper" in a comment I left for someone. :) It was a sleeper wasn't it! Delicious. Looks great.

  5. Yeah, that height thing was kinda deceptive; I wonder if they ended up using an 8" skillet. No matter; this "sleeper" cake is pretty yummy no matter the height! Thanks for baking along with me this week.

    ps, guess what my capcha word is for this comment? "lowness" haha!

  6. You're right...it is a keeper for sure. Such a delicious surprise.