Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Coconut Tea Cake

Boy, this has been a confusing two weeks for me by switching the selected baked items. I feel left out as not too many bakers took the offer to switch weeks. I'd like to know who baked something special for Easter other than our weekly TWD?

So, this week I chose Coconut Tea Cake which was selected by Carmen Cooks. I made this cake to take to my brother's home for Easter dessert. I had already made two carrot cakes and Dorie's Almost Fudge Gateaux. I was a little "baked out"! I made this cake on Sunday afternoon after church! Needless to say, I delivered this cake a little warm! After reading some of the posts from the prior week, I decided to make the lime coconut version. I toasted my coconut and made a lime glaze as well as a blueberry coulis. It's Easter!!!!

Although it's not a pound cake, this cake was very moist and had a dense but fluffy crumb. I could definitely taste all of the flavors this cake had to offer. The lime was a delight and everyone agreed. I was barely able to steal a slice home so that I could snap a pic!


  1. Im glad you enjoyed the cake, it looks really good!

  2. Mmmmmm, I love fruit coulis'!! They seem like the perfect accompaniment to any baked good.

    You cake looks delish!

  3. I loved this cake, I added orange and ginger. It was so good. The fruit is a great topping

  4. The lime sounds like it's delicious. I definitely want to give that one a try soon.